I was able to give up smoking Marlboros like a chimney for 49 years, my wife 20. We've been using E-cigs for 2 years now. One mistake reviewers and others make is that these ARE NOT smoking cessation products, they are a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. A lot of people have been able to quit smoking by using these, but that is just a secondary coincidence.

If you are a heavy Marlboro smoker like I was then you want to buy 24mg nicotine strength. That's what it takes to kill the craving for tobacco. You CAN wean yourself down as you go because the juice comes in different strengths. Also, which is never discussed (because E-cig companies want your money) is that E-cigs are refillable. Buy a bottle of juice, pull out the rubber mouthpiece and put a couple drops of juice in. You're good to go all over. The tips will last for a month or two until them finally "burn out".

Also, you're not stuck with tobacco-only flavors, they actually make cotton candy and Reese’s peanut butter cups and everything imaginable in between. Waffle is the wife's favorite.


I've been known to smoke on the great occasion. I like a good cigar sometimes and recently I have also tried the electronic cigarette. I think they are interesting and are close to smoking. I like the idea of flavored smoke and am considering getting one of these myself.
I did quit smoking real cigarettes in 2002. It was the hardest addiction I have ever had. I quit 5 times before I was able to stop buying and bumming smokes from my girlfriends.
Gum and patches are a joke!! You can't quit something by doing it. You just have to quit. If I can do it so can you. All you need to do is tell yourself you want to and that you made a decision. Don't be weak! I am not going to say what I would use the electronic smoker for but it’s not tobacco!


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